Collection: Tasmania

Welcome to the Tasmania Collection, a tribute to the breathtaking beauty and diversity of our beloved homeland. This collection of fourteen fountain pen inks is inspired by the unique landscapes, flora, and fauna of Tasmania. It includes ten recreations from our original Colors of Tasmania range, and four new shimmering inks, each designed to evoke the spirit and splendor of this island state.

From the majestic hues of the 'Snowy Mountain Sunset Shimmering Ink', reminiscent of the awe-inspiring sunsets over Tasmania's rugged mountain ranges, to the 'Tasmanian Robin Pink', a tribute to the vibrant plumage of one of our most cherished bird species, each ink in this collection tells a story about Tasmania's natural wonders.

The Tasmania Collection is more than just a range of high-quality fountain pen inks. It's a celebration of our home, its vibrant colors, and its inspiring landscapes. Each bottle of ink is a piece of Tasmania, ready to bring your writing and artwork to life. Whether you're a seasoned artist, a fountain pen enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the beauty of nature, the Tasmania Collection is sure to delight and inspire.

Join us on this journey through Tasmania, as we pay homage to our homeland through the universal language of color. Experience the joy of writing with Van Dieman's Tasmania Collection, where every ink tells a Tasmanian story.