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Our customers love our Tasmanian made Fountain Pen Ink.

Yours will too!




 Hear what our customers have to say:

"Beautiful and very well behaved inks that out-perform some of the famous brands. The service is really great too."
-Jeremy B

"Such thoughtfully coordinated ink ranges, and so reasonably priced too."
-Natalie N

"The BEST old-fashioned service for starters, and that's even before you do cartwheels about the inks they create! Beautiful colours to choose from. Some are quite unique, too - for interest's sake, I've tried to hunt down similar shades from companies that are well-known internationally and haven't had a lot of luck. (Can sometimes only find 1 or 2 to compare). My fountain pens are also loving the experience - so far have tried Van Dieman's inks in Leonardo Momento Zero EF, & Super5 0.7mm Stub (more pens still to try)."
-Linda M