Van Dieman’s Ink and Pulp Addiction Present

Lost Vistas

Embark on a journey through history with the exclusive "Lost Vistas" ink collection, meticulously crafted by Van Dieman's Ink Company in Tasmania for Pulp Addiction. This unique collection of seven fountain pen inks pays tribute to the awe-inspiring beauty of landmarks and landscapes that once graced our world but now live on only in memory and lore. From the majestic Walls of Troy to the serene Beaches of Pompeii, each color in the collection is named after these cherished sites, evoking the splendor and stories they once held. The Libraries of Alexandria, Gardens of Nineveh, Cathedrals of Constantinople, and the enigmatic Jungles of Antarctica come alive through vibrant hues, inviting both history aficionados and curious minds to explore the tales and tragedies of our past. This collection is not just an offering of exceptional inks; it's an homage to the places and the rich history they represent, reminding us of the beauty that was lost and inspiring a deeper appreciation for our world's diverse heritage. As you explore these inks, we invite you to reflect on the legacy of these wonders, forever captured in the art of writing.