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Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman's Tasmania - Queenstown Gold Mine - Shimmering Ink

Van Dieman's Tasmania - Queenstown Gold Mine - Shimmering Ink

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"Introducing 'Queenstown Gold Mine,' a shimmering tribute from our Tasmania collection. This ink draws inspiration from the abandoned mining caves and mountains that surround Queenstown, a testament to the town's rich mining history and the natural beauty that persists amidst the remnants of industry.

Queenstown Gold Mine is a rich terracotta red ink, imbued with yellow and cream tones that reflect the vibrant hues of the mineral-rich earth. The added lustre of gold shimmer brings to life the glint of precious metals hidden within the rock, creating a dynamic and captivating writing experience.

This shimmering ink is a celebration of Tasmania's mining heritage and the rugged beauty of its landscapes. It's a color that tells a story of discovery and transformation, of nature's resilience, and of the enduring allure of the island's diverse geology.

This ink is suitable for all types of pens that can be easily disassembled for cleaning. For the best experience, pair it with a medium or broad nib that can truly bring out its shimmer and depth of color. As this is a high saturation ink with particulate matter, we recommend gently turning the bottle to distribute the particles before use, as shaking can incorporate air bubbles that may clog the pen feed. Regular maintenance, including frequent flushing, is recommended when using this ink.

Let Queenstown Gold Mine transport you to the rugged landscapes of Tasmania's mining towns, inspiring your writing and artwork with its unique characteristics and captivating charm. Explore the full breadth of the Tasmania collection, each ink telling a unique story of Tasmania's natural wonders."

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