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Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman's Tasmania - Bass Strait - Fountain Pen Ink

Van Dieman's Tasmania - Bass Strait - Fountain Pen Ink

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"Introducing 'Bass Strait,' a standout from our Tasmania collection. This ink is inspired by the stormy seas that separate Tasmania from mainland Australia, a body of water known for its deep, cobalt blue hues and its significant role in Tasmania's maritime history.

Bass Strait is a true cobalt blue ink, reflecting the depth and intensity of its namesake. It offers good shading, transitioning from a light, airy blue to a deeper, more intense shade, mimicking the changing moods of the sea. On high-quality paper, you may also notice minor red sheening, adding an extra layer of complexity and intrigue to your writing.

This ink is a great all-rounder, suitable for everyday use and for all types of pens. Whether you're jotting down notes, drafting a letter, or creating a piece of art, Bass Strait will add a touch of maritime charm to your work.

Experience the rugged beauty of Tasmania's coastal landscapes with Bass Strait, and let its unique characteristics inspire your writing and artwork. Explore the full breadth of the Tasmania collection, each ink telling a unique story of Tasmania's natural wonders."


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