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A Decade in the Desert - Ocotillo Fountain Pen Ink

A Decade in the Desert - Ocotillo Fountain Pen Ink


Exclusive to Pen Chalet


In the heart of the Arizona desert, a unique plant stands tall against the arid landscape. Its slender, spiny stems reach towards the sky, adorned with vibrant red flowers that contrast beautifully against the deep green foliage. This is the Ocotillo, a symbol of resilience and vitality, and the inspiration behind our second ink in the "A Decade in the Desert" collection.

Ocotillo ink is a deep, lush green, mirroring the verdant leaves of its namesake. It's a color that breathes life into the desert landscape, a testament to the enduring spirit of nature in the face of adversity. This ink is a celebration of the Ocotillo plant, a beacon of color and life amidst the desert sands.

But Ocotillo ink offers more than just a vibrant green hue. As it settles on the paper, a stunning red sheen emerges, reminiscent of the fiery blooms that adorn the Ocotillo plant. This unexpected burst of color adds a layer of depth and complexity to your writing, making each stroke a visual delight.

Whether you're crafting a heartfelt letter, sketching a desert scene, or jotting down your thoughts, Ocotillo ink brings a touch of the Arizona desert's unique beauty to your page. It's not just an ink, it's a homage to the resilience and vibrancy of the desert, a tribute to the enduring allure of nature.

Embrace the spirit of the desert with Ocotillo, and let your words bloom like the vibrant flowers of its namesake.

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A Decade in the Desert

In the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, a beacon for pen enthusiasts has been shining brightly for a decade. Pen Chalet, a trusted name in the world of fine writing instruments, celebrates its ten-year journey this year. To commemorate this milestone, we at Van Dieman's Ink are thrilled to present the "A Decade in the Desert" collection.

This collection is a tribute to Pen Chalet's ten years in the vibrant landscape of Phoenix, and a celebration of the enduring friendship between our two companies. Since 2018, Van Dieman's Ink and Pen Chalet have been partners in bringing the joy of writing to people around the world. This collection is a testament to that shared passion and commitment.

Each ink in the "A Decade in the Desert" collection captures a unique aspect of the Arizona desert, from the vibrant hues of the Prickly Pear cactus to the iconic blacktop of Route 66. These inks are more than just colors; they are stories, memories, and experiences, bottled for you to explore.

Join us in celebrating Pen Chalet's ten-year journey with the "A Decade in the Desert" collection. Here's to a decade of friendship, a decade of shared passions, and to many more decades to come.

A Decade in the Desert

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