A Focus on Hanging Lake

A Focus on Hanging Lake

Situated within the isolated east Arthur ranges of Tasmania’s South West Wilderness is Hanging Lake, one of the highest altitude melt-water tarns, a serene majestic dark blue lake hidden within the rugged back drop of Federation Peak.

Van Dieman’s wanted to take our time with this colour to do this untouched wilderness justice. This ink is a dark blue-black ink with a strong mahogany sheen, and is an excellent everyday writer.

Hanging Lake is unlike the other blues in our collection in a lot of ways. It is darker and stronger sheening than both Bass Strait Cobalt Blue of the Original Series and Cloudburst from Tassie Seasons, though a fairly similar hue to Bass Strait. Blackened Seas from the Midnight Series is greener in hue, close to a dark teal. Pepperberry from Tassie Seasons is quite possibly darker, though blacker in tone. It is darker than Freycinet Aquamarine, Devil's Kitchen, Azure Kingfisher and Wineglass bay. 

Hanging Lake is the best example within the Van Dieman range of a traditional "Blue-Black" ink. It out-performs all our other blues as an everyday writer, smooth, easy flowing and quick drying. It also shades somewhat, producing anywhere from a true blue to an off black in swatches and artwork. It mixes well with water also, producing even more varying shades.

Hanging Lake produces some incredible red sheening in wet flowing pens and thick swatching, and apart from Blackened Seas is one of our best sheening inks at Van Diemans.

Hanging Lake is our Ink of the Day for January the 15th, 2020, and you can add a free 30ml bottle to you cart with every order made before 11:59pm.

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