Wasabi Writing Sample

Wasabi Writing Sample

Wasabi is our 4th ink of the day, available for you to try Free until 11:59pm, Tuesday the 10th of November.  ENDS TONIGHT!

As part of our focus on our Ink of the Day, here is a writing sample of Van Dieman's Harvest Wasabi. This sample was done using a Zebra G nib in a standard dip pen, to demonstrate both thin and thick line variation. 

Here is another sample using a Jinhao X750 Medium on Rhodia Paper.

When people think of Tasmanian Produce, Japanese Horse Radish does not come to mind. But due to its latitude being as equally south as Hokkaido is north, the climate here is equally suited to the cold climate spicy vegetable this ink is named after, that Tasmania grows and exports.
This ink is one of our lighter greens, very similar to Apple Island Green but slightly darker with more of a yellow hue. This ink performs excellently and flows well in fountain pens and is perfectly suited to brushwork also, with some variation in shade. It mixes well with all other Van Dieman's Inks. It may be slightly too wet, however, for dip pens, but still comes out nicely, as can be seen from the Zebra G flex nib above.

The Van Diemen's Harvest inks are an ambitious collection of inks, all named after and based on the delicious and tantalising produce of Tasmania.
The box and bottle artwork is done with brush and pen solely using the harvest inks by Belinda Rix.

Every day, we highlight one of the seventy Van Dieman's Inks in our collection.
We offer this ink free with any purchase for one day only. You can view the ink of the day directly on the Van Dieman's Website, by subscribing to our email newsletter, or by following our Facebook newsfeed.
You can add this ink to your cart and checkout with any order before 11:59pm of that day to claim your free ink.

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