Tasmanian Safron Writing Sample

Tasmanian Safron Writing Sample

As part of our focus on our Ink of the Day, here is a writing sample of Van Dieman's Harvest Tasmanian Safron. This sample was done using a Nikko G nib in a standard dip pen, to demonstrate both thin and thick line variation.

There are few places in the world where the Safron producing crocus flower grows well. In the Huon Valley of Southern Tasmania, this incredibly rare spice can be found. This ink is a slightly dark red, darker than our Bay of Fires or Firetail Finch, but not as deep as Sweetheart Cherry. This ink has a very slight sheen, flows well and has some amount of shading.

The Van Diemen's Harvest inks are an ambitious collection of inks, all named after and based on the delicious and tantalising produce of Tasmania.
The box and bottle artwork is done with brush and pen solely using the harvest inks by Belinda Rix.

We are very proud to make this ink our first ever Ink of the Day, and it is Free with every order made before 11:59pm, November the 8th, 2020.

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