A Pink-Breasted Robin in Tasmanian Robin Pink

A Pink-Breasted Robin in Tasmanian Robin Pink

This gorgeous little guy was painted by Belinda Rix of Van Dieman's Ink, using Black Truffle and Pepperberry from the Tassie Seasons Collection, Peanut Brittle, from Harvest, and of course, Tasmanian Robin Pink from the Original Colours of Tasmania.

This highlights our Ink of the Day, Tasmanian Robin Pink. Add a free 30ml bottle of Tasmanian Robin Pink to your cart before 11:59pm tonight, the 8th of January.

Van Dieman's Tasmanian Robin Pink is a bubbly and effervescent ink, halfway between a hot pink and magenta. Named after the Pink Breasted Robin of Australia's Southern Regions, this ink takes on a more playful, lighthearted part in Van Dieman's otherwise more wild and majestic inspirations. Bound to stand out as boisterously on the page as its namesake does in the wild.

Tasmanian Robin Pink is a true pink, leaning towards Magenta in colour, and not at all red. It is vibrant and highly saturated, but shades well too.
It is a single dye ink, not blended, with no chromatography whatsoever, but some amount of sheen in wet flowing pens. As with all single dye inks, it mixes well with others so lends itself greatly to experimenting and artwork.
Tasmanian Robin Pink performs best with fine to broad nib pens, but tends towards dry with extra fine nibs, though still outperforming our other pinks in general flow quality.
Tasmanian Robin pink was one of the first five inks ever developed by Van Dieman's Inks, back at our inception in late 2016, and will hold its position in our collection for many more years to come, owing to its simplistic charm and all-round high performance. Add it to your collection for free today, until 11:59pm.
Our first ever writing sample of Tasmanian Robin Pink, Dec. 2016.


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