Van Dieman's The Midnight Series Sailor's Delight - 30ml Fountain Pen Ink

  • $9.95

Sailor’s Delight Inspired by the beautiful fire-lit sky at dusk over sea, giving good hopes of a calm night’s travels. A red sky at night is a Sailor’s Delight, but a red sky in the morning is a sailor’s warning.

Van Dieman's Midnight Series are eight fountain pen inks inspired by the dark and sombre hues that come out when the sun has gone away. Try the other inks in this series:

  • Midnight Sky
  • Enchanted Woods
  • Sailor's Delight
  • Twilight Mist
  • Howl at the Moon
  • Enchanted Woods
  • Eclipse
  • Blackened Seas


  • This is a 30ml bottle of Dye Based Ink
  • This ink is suitable for dip pens, brushwork and all fountain pens



About Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman's Ink is an Australian owned and operated company situated in Launceston Tasmania, and is also an affiliate of JINHAO Pens Australia, which is also Australian owned and operated, and retails the high quality Fountain Pens produced by JINHAO. Our water based fountain pen inks are mixed utilizing a method that maximizes colour longevity, improves flow viscosity and generates a sumptuously enjoyable writing experience, but also avoids the unpleasant acrid smell that fountain pen ink is generally well known for. In line with our own love for this great state of Tasmania, Van Dieman's Inks try to encapsulate some of the natural beauty this land has to offer.

Each of the dozen colours on offer is designed from and named after a location, natural aspect or product of Tasmania. From our best-selling "Devil Black", an aggressive little ink with an equally notorious namesake, to our majestic, well cherished and protected "Styx Valley Forest Green", to our chilled and serene "Freycinet Aquamarine" and our deliciously tempting "Tamar Pinot Noir Wine Red", Van Dieman's inks are both a cut above the rest and a step outside the norm. 

Be adventurous and explore the possibilities these inks have to offer.