Van Dieman's Hollywood Series: My Fair Audrey - 30ml Fountain Pen Ink

Van Dieman's Ink

  • $12.95

Audrey Hepburn’s stunning charm and grace made her a film and fashion icon. Van Dieman’s Inks pays tribute to Audrey and is inspired by Audrey’s beautiful deep mahongany eyes and dark chestnut hair, in a cute sophisticated pixie cut which shows off Audrey’s flawless beauty.

  • This is a 30ml bottle of Dye Based Ink
  • This ink is suitable for dip pens, brushwork and all fountain pens

Six fountain pen inks inspired by iconic actresses and moments in film.


About Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman's Ink is an Australian owned and operated company situated in Launceston Tasmania, and is also an affiliate of JINHAO Pens Australia, which is also Australian owned and operated, and retails the high quality Fountain Pens produced by JINHAO. Our water based fountain pen inks are mixed utilizing a method that maximizes colour longevity, improves flow viscosity and generates a sumptuously enjoyable writing experience, but also avoids the unpleasant acrid smell that fountain pen ink is generally well known for.

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