The Complete Collection in 30ml - All 54 30ml Bottles of Van Dieman's Fountain Pen and Shimmer Inks

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Due to severe supply issues as a result of the Covid-19 Lockdown, all Van Dieman's Inks will be unavailable until our supply lines are re-opened. You may choose to pre-order at anytime, but a delivery time cannot be guaranteed at this point.

 All 54 x 30ml bottles of Van Dieman's Fountain Pen and Shimmer ink from the Original Colours of Tasmania, Hollywood Series, Midnight Series, Wilderness Series and Tassie Seasons. (Not including pigment inks)

Van Dieman's Ink is an Australian company that designs and mixes its own products in Launceston Tasmania. These high quality fountain pen inks have been tested for viscosity and flow quality and are suitable for all major brands of fountain pens, and are also suitable for dip pens and brushwork. Unlike other major brands, Van Dieman's Inks are produced to lack the acrid or pungent smell often associated with fountain pen inks, while maintaining a high quality, smooth flow, light and age resistance and deep vivid colours.

In line with our own love for this great state of Tasmania, Van Dieman's Inks try to encapsulate some of the natural beauty this land has to offer. Each of the dozen colours on offer is designed from and named after a location, natural aspect or product of Tasmania. From our best-selling "Devil Black", an aggressive little ink with an equally notorious namesake, to our majestic, well cherished and protected "Styx Valley Forest Green", to our chilled and serene "Freycinet Aquamarine" and our deliciously tempting "Tamar Pinot Noir Wine Red", Van Dieman's inks are both a cut above the rest and a step outside the norm. 
Be adventurous and explore the possibilities these inks have to offer.
  1. Devil Black
  2. Bass Straight Cobalt Blue
  3. Bay of Fires Red
  4. Tamar Pinot Noir Wine Red
  5. Leatherwood Honey Amber
  6. Wattle Yellow
  7. Oakwood Brown
  8. Tasmania Vine Purple
  9. West Coast Sunset Tangerine
  10. Freycinet Aquamarine
  11. Apple Island Green
  12. Cradle Mountain Grey
  13. Styx Valley Forest Green
  14. Tasmania Robin Pink

The Hollywood Series - 6 Fountain Pen Inks inspired by iconic actresses and moments in film.

  1. The Hollywood Series - Rita Hayworth Locks
  2. The Hollywood Series - My Fair Audrey
  3. The Hollywood Series - Elizabeth's Violet Eyes
  4. The Hollywood Series - Blonde Bombshell (Shimmer)
  5. The Hollywood Series - Ruby Slippers (Shimmer)
  6. The Hollywood Series - Diamond's are a Girls' BFF (Shimmer)

Van Dieman's Midnight Series are eight fountain pen inks inspired by the dark and sombre hues that come out when the sun has gone away.

  1. The Midnight Series - Enchanted Woods (Shimmer)
  2. The Midnight Series - Bonfire Night (Shimmer)
  3. The Midnight Series - Eclipse
  4. The Midnight Series - Sailor's Delight
  5. The Midnight Series - Blackened Seas
  6. The Midnight Series - Howl at the Moon (Shimmer)
  7. The Midnight Series - Twilight Mist (Shimmer)
  8. The Midnight Series - Midnight Skies (Shimmer)

 Van Dieman's Wilderness Series is ten fountain pen inks inspired by the majestic, beautiful and ofttimes humbling wonders that await in the Tasmanian wilds. As an extension of our original Van Dieman's Colours of Tasmania, and as a series unto itself, we created the Wilderness Series to encapsulate the natural colours of this awe-inspiring and untouched southern land. Try the inks in this series:

  1. Azzure Kingfisher (Shimmer)
  2. Black-Tongue Spider Orchid
  3. Devil's Kitchen
  4. Eucalyptus Regnans
  5. Federation Peak
  6. Firetail Finch
  7. Hanging Lake
  8. Hastings Caves (Shimmer)
  9. Huon Pine
  10. Spotted Sun Orchid

Tassie Seasons is our fifth series in Van Dieman's  collection of Tasmanian Fountain Pen Inks. These sixteen inks encapsulate the changing colours of Tasmania's seasons, with four inks dedicated to each season. Tassie Seasons is a mix of dark and light, warm and cool, every-day writing worthy and artistically minded colours, including two shimmer inks.

Tasmania is the only state in Australia with a truly temperate climate. Winter exhibits colourful festivals in the south, generous snowfalls in the central highlands, and foggy days in Launceston from July through to September. Cool and breezy spring days unveil a kaleidoscope of native flowers, vibrantly plumed birds and stunning butterflies. An abundance of local produce arrives in the summer, to be enjoyed with a day at the many beaches, and followed by the ominous summer storm. In Autumn enjoy late seasons figs and pepperberries and marvel at Australia's only native deciduous tree at the turning of the fagus.


  • Native Cornflower
  • Pink Fairy Orchid
  • Cloudburst
  • Macleay's Swallowtail Butterfly


  • Tiger Snake
  • Wineglass Bay
  • Tassie Salmon
  • Hailstorm


  • Pepperberry
  • Deciduous Beech
  • Tassie Salmon
  • Hailstorm


  • Black Truffle
  • Launceston Fog
  • Morning Frost (Shimmer)
  • Huon Midwinter Festival (Shimmer)