JINHAO Y3 Gold Scales Fountain Pen - Fine Nib

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The Y3 is a very cool fountain pen. Styling silver chrome edging, a modern brushed steel grip and a very punchy design, this pen will draw some looks.



The construction is solid lacquered brass, with chrome edging. The pen feels smooth in the hand and has some noticeable weight but is light enough to write very comfortably for long periods. 



The grip section has a modern brushed steel design which aides control and comfort and also gives the pen a slightly industrial chic. Even though this pen looks excellent on display, it also does extremely well as an every day carry pen or an office all-rounder as it is very pleasant to write with for long periods without any wrist pain.



The cap is also made of solid lacquered brass, and has a strong but flexible clip, making it very easy to pocket, but also allowing it to hold on tightly. The pen can be used both uncapped and posted. Opening and closing the Y3 gives a solid and satisfying "click". 

The nib is a stainless steel medium-fine nib, with some minor element of flex. JINHAO nibs are renowned for having a noticeably buttery smoothness to them, and are a genuine pleasure to write with, despite their affordability, and the Y3 does much to please here.



The feed is a JINHAO patent original, which delivers a continuous, unbroken flow of ink. The true pleasure of writing with a fountain pen lies in the smooth and rich feeling of ink flowing to paper, and the feed of this pen provides this in droves. 



The converter, which most of our pens come with, is very easily operated, holds a considerable amount of ink and is easily cleaned and maintained. The whole pen can be disassembled and cleaned.



All in all, the Y3 is a bold, outspoken pen with a lot of show. It writes comfortably and smoothly and will not disappoint in either design or usability. It is comparable in quality to other models that can cost hundreds of dollars, but at an insanely competitive price. We are proud to provide it for you today.

Purchase the pen alone, or add a carded gift box and pack of 5 black cartridges for just an additional $4.00

Item Specifics

Brand: Jinhao Y3 Fountain Pen 

Material: Lacquered Brass with Stainless Steel Edging 

Nib Size: Medium Fine - smooth and easy to control, with some element of flex

The Cap: Snap Cap with flexible clip 

Filling System: Screw-Type Removable Converter (also takes Standard International cartridges) 

Ink cartridge: International standard 

Weight Capped: 36.2 grams

Weight Uncapped: 23.5 grams

Length Capped: 140 mm 

Length Uncapped: 121 mm

Length Posted: 157 mm

Diameter of body: 12 mm

Diameter at widest point: 16 mm