JINHAO 599-a Fluoro Green Fountain Pen - Fine Nib

  • $3.10

Due to severe supply issues as a result of the Covid-19 Lockdown, all Van Dieman's Inks will be unavailable until our supply lines are re-opened. You may choose to pre-order at anytime, but a delivery time cannot be guaranteed at this point.

The 599a fountain pen is JINHAO's most economical model. However, as far as this pen goes, a lower price does not mean a lower quality. The 599a features a distinctively sleek and modern design. 

It's body and cap are made from lightweight but sturdy plastic construction and the contoured grip section provide a comfortable writing experience. 

The feed of this pen provides a continuous and moist flow of ink, and the fine Nib delivers a smooth, velvety writing experience. Viewing holes on either side of the barrel allow you to check how much ink is left. The pen comes with a patented JINHAO converter for use with bottled fountain pen ink.

The 599a is the perfect pen for anyone starting out for the first time with fountain pens as it is easy to fill, write with and maintain. It is a perfect starter for students practicing handwriting or children who have received their "pen licence" at school. It is also an excellent EDC (every day carry) pen for both fountain pen aficionados and novices alike, due to its lightweight design, ease of use and smooth reliability.



Item Specifics

Brand: Jinhao 599a Fountain Pen 

Material: Plastic body, cap, section and feed and stainless steel clip and nib 

Nib Size: Fine - smooth and easy to control, with very minor flex

The Cap: Snap Cap with flexible clip 

Filling System: Screw-Type Removable Converter (also takes Standard International cartridges) 

Ink cartridge: International standard 

Weight Capped: 16.8g

Weight Uncapped: 10.2g

Length Capped: 139mm 

Length Uncapped: 129mm

Diameter of Body: 12mm