Eden in Mallee Burl and Tamar Pinot Noir & 30ml Bottle of Tamar Pinot Noir Fountain Pen Ink

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Eden in Mallee Burl and Tamar Pinot Noir
Eden is the first fountain pen by Tasmanian Fountain Pen ink company, Van Dieman's Ink. Made in Australia by Artisan Woodturners, in genuine Mallee Burl, with a 12 Month Repair Guarantee on Parts.
Now Includes a 30ml bottle of Tamar Pinot Noir Wine Red Fountain Pen Ink, from the Van Dieman's Original Colours of Tasmania Series.

Opening Eden (Huon Pine Pictured)

Eden Pen Specifications
  • Quality pen parts engineered in Taiwan
  • Genuine Superior Quality Australian Timber
  • Jewelry quality Rhodium Plating throughout
  • Detailed and intricate Titanium designs on Central band and Finials
  • Medium #6 Gold Plated Iridium Point German Nib
  • Smooth, continuous flow of writing from high quality feed system
  • Solid Brass Internal Structure for increased sturdiness
  • Screw Cap for safe mess-free carrying
  • Converter Filling System
  • Easy cleaning, filling and maintenance
  • Your choice of Black Faux Leather gift box or Solid Wood Gift Box and Display Stand
  • Includes Care and Maintenance Guide and Warranty
  • 12 Month Repair Guarantee on Nib, Feed and Converter
  • Includes a 30ml bottle of Tamar Pinot Noir Wine Red Fountain Pen Ink, from the Van Dieman's Original Colours of Tasmania Series

About Mallee Burl

Red Mallee is an incredible species with vivid color and figure. This native Australian timber grows marvelous burls which have a distinctive mix of pink, red, and violet heartwood with contrasting white sapwood. The wood is dense and easily yields a smooth, durable finish with light sanding. This wood is blended with green acrylic to create a truly unique and absolutely gorgeous synergy of natural and artistic elements. This piece is named after our own Original Series ink, Tamar Pinot Noir.  

Appearance and Characteristics of Mallee Burl
  • Vibrant colour mixed with burl eyes and unique grain patterns
  • A very fine, mixed grain texture, creates an ultra smooth finish
  • A mix of reds, browns, blondes and occasional blacks 

An abundant range of species, sustainably harvested
  • The Mallee Tree is not a single species, but convers around 50% of the 500-700 species of Eucalypt in Australia
  • Mallee trees are prolific producers of burl growths that can be harvested without cutting down the tree
  • These trees grow all throughout semi-arid Australia
Guarantee of Quality
  • Solid brass internal structure and sturdy timber make this pen incredibly durable
  • 12 month repair guarantee on nib, feed and converter*
*12 month repair guarantee: for any fault that occurs with pen nib, feed or converter, contact us here. We will communicate a solution or, if needed, will organize return shipping and repair free of charge. After 12 months, we can provide nib, feed, converter or section repair or replacement at a cost of $60AUD, plus shipping.

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