Eden in Tasmanian Huon Pine & 30ml Bottle of Huon Pine Fountain Pen Ink

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Eden in Tasmanian Huon Pine
Eden is the first fountain pen by Tasmanian Fountain Pen ink company, Van Dieman's Ink. Made in Australia by Artisan Woodturners, in genuine Huon Pine, with a 12 Month Repair Guarantee on Parts.
Now Includes a 30ml bottle of Huon Pine Fountain Pen Ink, from the Van Dieman's Wilderness Series.

Opening Eden (Huon Pine Pictured)

Eden Pen Specifications
  • Quality pen parts engineered in Taiwan
  • Genuine Superior Quality Tasmanian Timber
  • Jewelry quality Rhodium Plating throughout
  • Detailed and intricate Titanium designs on Central band and Finials
  • Medium #6 Gold Plated Iridium Point German Nib
  • Smooth, continuous flow of writing from high quality feed system
  • Solid Brass Internal Structure for increased sturdiness
  • Screw Cap for safe mess-free carrying
  • Converter Filling System
  • Easy cleaning, filling and maintenance
  • Your choice of Black Faux Leather gift box or Solid Wood Gift Box and Display Stand
  • Includes Care and Maintenance Guide and Warranty
  • 12 Month Repair Guarantee on Nib, Feed and Converter
  • Includes a 30ml bottle of Huon Pine Fountain Pen Ink, from the Van Dieman's Wilderness Series

About Huon Pine

The Gordon River in the remote Eastern Wilderness of Tasmania is the home of the Huon Pine. They live up to 3,500 years and take 500 years to mature. Once known as Green Gold, and considered the best boat building timber in the world, it was cut to all but extinction and now only a few stands remain preserved in forest reserves. The only timber that is removed is logs found on the forest floor, left by the early foresters.  

Appearance and Characteristics of Huon Pine
  • Pale straw, becoming yellow after long exposure
  • A very fine, even texture with a straight grain
  • Considered one of the highest quality timbers in the world 

A protected species, sustainably harvested and closely monitored
  • The Huon Pine is being replanted in large numbers to regrow the species
  • All timber on the market is sourced from logs already felled, found and salvaged from the forest floor
  • With a very limited supply, Huon Pine is treasured and in high demand  
Guarantee of Quality
  • Solid brass internal structure and sturdy timber make this pen incredibly durable
  • 12 month repair guarantee on nib, feed and converter*
*12 month repair guarantee: for any fault that occurs with pen nib, feed or converter, contact us here. We will communicate a solution or, if needed, will organize return shipping and repair free of charge. After 12 months, we can provide nib, feed, converter or section repair or replacement at a cost of $60AUD, plus shipping.

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