Azure Kingfisher Promotion


To highlight our incredible Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink, Azure Kingfisher, from the Van Dieman's Wilderness Series, we are offering you the opportunity to try it for free. With every purchase of two or more bottles of ink from the Van Dieman's online store, you will receive a free 30ml bottle of Azure Kingfisher. There is no need to add the bottle to cart or use a discount code. The free bottle will be added automatically.


This painting of Tasmania's Majestic Azure Kingfisher was done by Belinda Rix of Van Dieman's Ink, using the following fountain pen inks and equipment.


Equipment Used

  • Canson Bleedproof Paper
  • TWSBI Eco Medium Nib
  • Kaweco Sport Medium Nib
  • Moonman Dip Pens
  • Glass Dip Pens
  • Water Brushes



Reformulated and Improved

We have reformulated the entire Wilderness Series, utilizing new technology and higher quality ingredients, keeping the same beautiful colours, inspired by Tasmania's majestic wilds. All our reformulated inks now contain a minimum of 95% Australian ingredients and are, as ever, handmade in micro batches in Launceston Australia. Our reformulated inks now have better flow, less feathering and bleeding, and higher quality dyes. We have also minimized the number and quantity of additional chemicals added, and all our dyes and additives are approved for food and cosmetics. Give your pen a try of the new reformulated Wilderness Series.

Azure Kingfisher

The color was inspired by the stunningly beautiful Tasmanian Azure King Fisher, whose plumage is a remarkably entrancing blue with a unique deep red sheen, while his breast has golden fiery orange tones. This complex and multifaceted ink was built to replicate all the beauty in the kingfisher’s coat, with shades from light aqua, to teal green and dark royal blue, and a golden shimmer that plays with the light to create greenish tones, all bordered by a vibrant red sheen. This ink is decadent, eye-catching and a true delight to write with.