About Us

About The Team

Peter and Belinda Rix are the husband and wife duo that own and run Van Dieman's Ink and Jinhao Pens Australia. Both lovers of fountain pens and ink, we wanted to make this passion a full-time occupation. We first brought Jinhao Pens to Australia, and then later developed Van Dieman's Ink, to show our love for this southern most wonder.

About Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman's Ink is an Australian company that designs and formulates its own products in Launceston Tasmania. These inks have been tested for viscosity and flow quality and are suitable for all major brands of fountain pens, and are also suitable for dip pens and brushwork.

Unlike other major brands, Van Dieman's Inks are produced to lack the acrid or pungent smell often associated with fountain pen inks, while maintaining a high quality, smooth flow, light and age resistance and deep vivid colours. Our water based fountain pen inks are mixed utilizing a method that colour longevity, improves flow and generates a sumptuously enjoyable writing experience.

In line with our own love for this great state of Tasmania, Van Dieman's Inks Original Fourteen Colours of Tasmania try to encapsulate some of the natural beauty this land has to offer. Each of the dozen colours on offer is designed from and named after a location, natural aspect or product of Tasmania. From our best-selling "Devil Black", an aggressive little ink with an equally notorious namesake, to our majestic, well cherished and protected "Styx Valley Forest Green", to our chilled and serene "Freycinet Aquamarine" and our deliciously tempting "Tamar Pinot Noir Wine Red", Van Dieman's inks are both a cut above the rest and a step outside the norm. 

Be adventurous and explore the possibilities these inks have to offer.


Explore our most recent addition to the Van Dieman's Range, The Hollywood Collection, six ink inspired by famous actresses and moments in Film.

About Jinhao Pens

Jinhao Pens were established in 1988, and have since been the leading designers and creators of fountain pens in Asia. Jinhao fountain pens are stylish, elegant and extraordinarily well-made.  Leading fountain pen experts in both Europe and the United states have compared them in quality to many of the leading international producers, despite the incredible affordability that Jinhao provide. From their ever popular X450, a classically stylish pen which made it into the top 5 “Greatest Pens of All Time” by SBRE Brown (Online Fountain Pen Expert), to their modern 159 and 1300 models, which are both sophisticated, chic designs for the modern writer, Jinhao has a fountain pen to please any writer, old or young. 

About Jinhao Pens Australia

We are a family owned and operated business, comprised of Husband and Wife team Peter and Belinda. As fountain pen lovers ourselves, and having recognized the obvious high quality and design that Jinhao provides and, following their massive surge in popularity in both Europe and the US, we have endeavoured to become the first fully dedicated provider of Jinhao Pens in Australia. We aim to bring to Australian customers the full range of products that Jinhao manufactures, all at the lowest price available in Australia.