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To celebrate and highlight the 2022 reformulation of our Wilderness Series, we are offering a chance to try out two from our range, Devil's Kitchen and Federation Peak, completely Free, with any purchase over $60.00AUD. The free inks will be added to cart Automatically when cart total reaches $60.0AUD.

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This ink line and wash painting of Devil's Kitchen on Tasmania's South Eastern Coast was done by Van Dieman's own Belinda Rix, using the 2022 Reformulations of Devil's Kitchen, Federation Peak, Eucalyptus Regnans and Hasting's Caves. This was done with TWSBI Eco pens, brushes and water on Canson Bleedproof Paper.


2022 Reformulations

We have reformulated the entire Wilderness Series, utilizing new technology and higher quality ingredients, keeping the same beautiful colours, inspired by Tasmania's majestic wilds. All our reformulated inks now contain a minimum of 95% Australian ingredients and are, as ever, handmade in micro batches in Launceston Australia. Our reformulated inks now have better flow, less feathering and bleeding, and higher quality dyes. We have also minimized the number and quantity of additional chemicals added, and all our dyes and additives are approved for food and cosmetics. Give your pen a try of the new reformulated Wilderness Series.

Devil's Kitchen

The Devil’s kitchen, where The Great Southern Ocean smashes into scattered inlets lining the Eagle Hawk Neck cliff face on the eastern side of the Tasman Peninsular, creating a violent churn and the rich vibrantly cool teal which inspires this colour. Tasmania’s wilderness of this caliber is breath taking.

Federation Peak

This ink is an ash dark grey based upon Federation Peak, a lone quartzite mountain possessing a menacing sharp spire on the Eastern most tip of the East Arthur ranges, overlooking Hanging Lake and 600m above Lake Geeves in the south west wilderness of Tasmania. Sir Edmund Hilary declared that Federation Peak was “Australia’s only real mountain”. Van Dieman’s wanted to pay homage to this captivating monument to Australia’s history and Tasmania’s wilderness.